IN-Smart is one electric intelligent car for teaching platform. The platform includes laser radar, camera, GPS and other sensors for intelligent driving vehicle, as well as the vehicle controller and intelligent controller. 


Function& Features

  • The platform is one real vehicle chassis structure, including steering system, braking system, transmission system (4WD), suspension system (adjustable), etc 

  • The powertrain is a electric structure, including real motor, battery, vehicle controller, energy recovery etc;

  • It includes real cameras, lidar, GPS and other sensors commonly used in real vehicles;

  • Intelligent driving controller is an open platform, users can independently develop intelligent driving related functions, such as ACC, LKA, LDW etc; 

  • Supported OS: windows, ROS; 

  • Supported ADAS controller: Industrial computer, NVIDIA TX2; 

  • With remote control function, equipped with remote control handle to realize remote control of vehicle in emergency; 

  • The platform is suitable for teaching and intelligent driving control algorithm research in Colleges and vocational colleges.




● Suitable for the research of intelligent driving control algorithms in universities and vocational colleges.

● Use for research and verification of intelligent driving control algorithms for enterprises and scientific research institutions

Platform Series