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   Based on image recognition, radar detection and other technologies, ADAS system can quickly identify the traffic environment around the vehicle, and control or give early warning of the vehicle's power, braking and steering systems to assist drivers to drive safely. The ADAS HiL test system is applied to the functional test verification during the development of ADAS controller. In cooperation with international enterprises, we can provide mature, reliable and comprehensive ADAS system testing solutions.

ADAS HIL System architecture


Function& Characteristics

● Complex and commercial vehicle dynamics model

● Configurable vehicle parameters

● Configurable traffic scenarios and test conditions

● Powerful 3D scene animation

● International standard ADAS test scenario library

● automated test

● Strong system scalability

● Improve development efficiency

● Saving test costs

Applied to the intelligent network laboratory


Comprehensive HIL

    The integrated HIL system is a customized equipment. According to the different needs of customers, INTECH can provide VCU HIL, BMS HIL, MCU HIL, FCU HIL in the power domain, BCM HIL in the car body domain, HIL at the signal level and power level, HIL for high voltage integration test, and vv-hil overall solution.