The charging testing equipment is one fully intelligent test system developed for the charging pile, to solve the problem that the current test process is less automated and the recording analysis ability is poor. Through the device integration method, one-button test and automatic verification method, the whole workflow is fully intelligent and automated to achieve efficient, accurate and stable test results. Covers the electrical performance, interoperability and protocol conformance testing of the AC/DC charging pile. It includes standard AC/DC charging pile testing equipment and portable AC/DC charging pile testing equipment.

Function& Characteristics

  • Through the integration of equipment, the whole workflow is fully intelligent and automated, so as to reduce the number of operators and improve the efficiency of testing

  • Professional system design, tilted oscilloscope interface and easy-to-operate mouse and keyboard platform for ergonomics

  • High-end brand and high-precision instrument integration, with the development of high-precision detection hardware unit to ensure detection accuracy

  • Automatically generate test reports, data cannot be modified, saved in the background, easy to trace

  • Supports test results to automatically upload MES system, cooperate with factory automation production requirements, assistant enterprise production system traceability and test data management

  • Testing Software friendly, easy to operate